Pure Spa: Try these different massage techniques for stress relief 

When you’re tired and exhausted, getting a massage is ideal since it’s therapeutic, relaxing and good for the body. Here at Pure Spa, there are plenty of massage types you can get depending on the treatment you want.

Schedule a personal time for complete Pure Spa relaxation and try the following massage techniques for stress relief.

  1. Deep tissue massage

To treat muscle tension, reduced range of movement, pain and tightness, a deep tissue massage is applied to deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue surrounding the muscles. It is also recommended for breaking down hard tissue, realigning them back to normal form and treating adhesions in muscles. Deep tissue massage is effective in reducing pain and improving recovery, as well as decreasing tension to increase your flexibility.

Deep tissue massage uses massage oils that are applied with deep pressure at a slow rate to areas of tension and pain, slowly working to reach deep muscles and surrounding tissues. It works to relieve pain by physically breaking down hard areas of rigid adhesion. It is also used to help realign tissues back to their normal form, helping relieve pain and stiffness.

  1. Swedish massage

Muscle tension can be the result of muscular trauma or underlying and ongoing emotional stress. Swedish massage can help relax muscles and give relief to emotions of stress-related tensions. Having Swedish massages regularly will help you maintain your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Massage performed on the skin promotes calmness, creates a sense of relaxation and improves health.

Swedish massage enhances blood circulation throughout the body, allowing more oxygen and body nutrients to be delivered to the muscles. It can be performed with both gentle and vigorous massage strokes. Gentle massage techniques help warm up the muscles, release tension and get the blood circulating throughout the body. To break down tissue adhesion and hard muscles, vigorous strokes are performed.

  1. Therapeutic massage

One type of therapeutic massage uses effleurage to increase blood flow and warm muscle tissues. A stroking movement is performed from the bottom to the top of the body part and pressure is adjusted depending on the desired outcome of the treatment.

Kneading is another technique used to treat muscular conditions by performing circular movements in many areas of the body. The technique compresses and manipulates the tissues to increase mobility and flexibility.

Other massage techniques include focusing on the lymphatic system, where lymphatic drainage is used to help get rid of body toxins, remove swelling and excess fluids. And to increase temperature and stretch out fibrous tissues, skin rolling is performed with both hands across soft tissues. This helps mobilise restricted and scar tissue.

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