Ultimate Body Treatments for You

Escape to a tranquil space where you can breathe in peace and breathe out the stress of daily life. You have a place in the metro where you can unwind and pamper yourself to the max. Here at Pu Re-spa, we know the ultimate needs of your well-being.

Our Space

No one can offer relaxation like us. We’ve created this spa to become your go-to city escape and the ideal place to rest those weary bodies. Enter into an oasis tucked at a quiet corner in the metro. Our spa offers the ideal getaway for people with busy lifestyles. We know you are always on-the-go. That’s why we have tailored our services to match your daily pace.

We have private spaces where you can enjoy your me-time free from the distraction of others. If you prefer to share these relaxing moments of pleasure with a loved one, we also have prepared spacious rooms to accommodate several people. We have rooms that can fit 2 pax up to a maximum number of 10. A spa party is an awesome way to celebrate your special events. We customize our services to your demands.

Our rooms feature high-quality spa beds to help you relax. We won’t mind if you doze off completely during your spa session. The dim lights set the mood and ambience for rest. Indulge your senses with our state of the art facilities.

Our goal is to give your body the ultimate comfort and healing. The Pu Re-spa team is devoted to giving you the best spa experience. Let us transport you to a place of pampering bliss. Feel like royalty for a day with the service provided by our licensed therapists.

Our Treatments

We’ve carefully developed our spa treatments that work to calm your senses, refresh your mind, and renew your body. You can choose from these services and create a spa day uniquely for you. We currently offer premium scrubs and wraps in our spa. Adding this on to our massage package will surely be a delight.

  • Body scrub and polish (Price: $70.00)

Treat your body to the best exfoliation service. We use marine salt crystals to scrub your whole body to remove dirt, dead skin and other impurities. This is perfect even for the most sensitive skin. It will provide the nourishment and minerals that your skin needs.

You can have this treatment on its own or you can avail it for a discounted price with our body massage services.

The duration of this treatment is 45 mins. 

  • Soothing body wrap (Price: $100)

Need to cleanse and hydrate your body? Choose this treatment. It will also help regenerate your skin –  giving you that youthful look.

The duration of this treatment is 50 mins.

  • Slimming body wrap (Price: $120)

Get that figure you want with the slimming body wrap. This will firm up loose skin. You will see immediate results with just one session. This treatment is good for detoxing and nourishing your skin.

The duration of this treatment is 50 mins.