About Microblading Services

Here is our newest article on microblading. This is one of the latest crazes in the beauty and wellness industry. Scroll down to learn more about our new service! If you have any questions or concerns regarding spas please to do not be afraid to contact us!

What is microblading?

Beauty techniques and tools are becoming more advanced as the years go by. People have been grooming, tinting, and waxing their eyebrows for years and yet, still crave for a more convenient and hassle-free way of keeping them in shape. 

One of the most popular fads in the beauty industry today is microblading. People often get a little scared when it comes to more complex treatments but microblading is actually quite simple! The rise of semi-permanent makeup gave birth to treatments for the most delicate areas of our face. Tinting and perming are the most common because they are, in fact, painless. 

It is easy to link semi-permanent makeup with blades or needles but you don’t have to worry too much about the pain. Microblading is a safe, simple, and effective way to enhance your brows–and they last for a long time! 

Microblading may be one of the most natural-looking approaches to semi-permanent makeup. Unlike tattoos, the procedure is done by placing pigment on top of your brow strands and a blade cuts through the skin to create thin lines that look like strands of hair. Most spa-goers find that the procedure is relatively painless but this may depend on your pain tolerance. 

If this will be your first time, skilled spa staff can provide you with the details on how to prepare and care for your brows after the treatment. So there is no need to be afraid! Reactions to the pigment and procedure may vary and we highly suggest that you conduct a patch test first before booking an appointment.

Before starting, beauty technicians will brief you about the procedure.  

We would also like to warn those who have underlying conditions that involve the skin and hair such as alopecia and the like. Spas reserve the right to deny service to clients who have these conditions to prevent our treatments from potentially harming your health. Kindly consult your doctor before booking an appointment with the spa of your choice.