Spa Massage

Pu Re-spa Massage Services and Package Deals

Pu Re-spa offers skin health therapy, wax and tint service, and body treatment. If you wish to release the tension formed in your body after working for 5 days a week or more, then you need to maximize your day off for relaxation. Pu Re-spa services are exactly what you need to do that! 

Why Get a Massage During the Weekends?

Spending the day off just sleeping all day or treating yourself to a large meal is not good for your health. They are also terrible for time management. You can sleep half of the day but this ruins your body’s adaptive schedule for metabolism. 

As a result, you feel terrible on Monday. Scarfing down large amounts of food than you eat during the weekdays also ruins your metabolism so you gain weight and a terrible bowel movement. Either way, you lose so much time during the day that could be used for having fun, continuing hobbies, or bonding with friends and family.

Pu Re-spa’s Relaxation Offer can only take 30 to 60 minutes of your time. When it’s done, you will feel refreshed and ready to become ready to enjoy the rest of your day!

Relaxation Offers

For $52.50, you can get your back, shoulders, and neck treated to a gentle massage that only takes 30 minutes of your time. If you wish to include a head treatment, such as scalp massage and hair wash, then it costs $68 and takes 45 minutes. You can get a full body massage for only $94.50 and it only takes an hour of your time!

Package Deals 

You can upgrade your experience! If you have two hours to spare then you will enjoy the Pure Rejuvenation Package for only $165! It includes the full-body massage included in the relaxation offer and a 60-minute session of PHYTOMER facial! 

If you are just looking for a way to pamper yourself then you will love the Pure Escape Package! It is ideal for women of all walks of life including teenagers, stay-at-home moms, and professionals! 

It is $185 and it includes a 30-minute relaxation massage on the back, shoulders, and neck followed by a mini facial treatment. It also comes with essentials manicure and pedicure. This package lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Couples Massage

The original Relaxation Offer of Pu Re-spa services can be enjoyed better with another person! You can come as a pair or a couple to enjoy any session for a discounted price. The 30-minute relaxation massage is $95 while the 45-minute session is $122. 

Both offers are $10 less than the normal sum! The 60-minute massage, however, costs $170 which is $19 cheaper than the sum of its regular price! Spa treatment is also more fun with another person so don’t miss out on these offers!